I provide quality, friendly technology services for my clients.  I take pride in the relationships that I build with my clients.  My background in training means that I strive to explain things in a clear, easy to understand manner.

I will explain what I will be doing and why so that you are well informed every step of the way about what the problem is and how it will be fixed.

PC and Mac Repair

  • Virus/malware removal
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Internet connection issues
  • Computer setup for home or office
  • Network setup and management
  • Hard drive cleanup
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Systems management for business
  • Pre and post purchase consultation

Virus and Malware Removal

I will scan your computer for viruses and malware and do a complete cleaning to ensure that your computer is free of potentially harmful software.

Viruses and Malware can infect any computer, even a Mac, and in the best case scenario can be a nuisance.  In the worst case scenario, you can lose important data or even have your identity and/or financial information compromised.


Software and Hardware Repair and Upgrades

I will consult with you on your current hardware and software setup and issues, and advise you on the upgrades and repairs that you require.

My honest assessment of your requirements and the costs involved will be right up front.  I will only recommend services, purchases, or repairs that you legitimately need.


Internet Setup and Troubleshooting

Having problems with your Internet connection?  I will diagnose any problems with wired or wireless Internet connections, and if required, contact your Internet provider and tell with their technical support so that you don’t have to.

I also will perform modem and wireless router setup to make sure that you get the best speed and service for the right price.  I am experienced with Bell, Rogers, Teksavvy, and other Internet providers and have lots of experience getting the best results with their technical support.


Network Setup and Management

Need multiple computers in your home or business networked to share programs, files, and printers?  I can help.  I can also manage your network and keep it secure to stay virus and hacker-free.


Hard Drive Cleanup

A hard drive full of junk files, temporary files, and unneeded programs can slow down your computer.  I will clean your computer’s hard drive to ensure that it is running as quickly and smoothly as possible.